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The European Road Safety Observatory (ERSO) gathers harmonised specialist information on road safety practices and policy in European countries.


Evidenced-based approaches lie at the heart of the most successful road safety polices – backed up by accident and other road safety data. ERSO collects a range of information types. These include a series of data protocols and collection methodologies, national and in-depth accident data, exposure data and safety performance indicators.

This website’s content was developed by the SafetyNet project and was later updated and expanded by the DaCoTA project. Current updates are managed by the EU’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport.

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The EU funds many research projects on road safety, and their results are available to the public. This toolbox contains reports, manuals and best practice guides published by these projects and which could be useful for road safety specialists. They cover a large range of issues, from accidentology and infrastructure to policy assessments. All documents can be downloaded free of charge here.