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Driver training


To get a licence, some categories of drivers require additional instruction besides the usual lessons. For example, in the EU professional drivers must have special training. And many repeat offenders are asked to enrol in rehabilitation programmes to improve their behaviour on the road.


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The opening of the transport market has led to the introduction of EU-wide training standards for professional drivers. Anyone who wants to work as a driver must attend a training course, pass a test and attend recurrent training every 5 years.


Driver training projects

The EU funds many projects to improve driver training.

  • NovEV evaluated different training schemes for people learning to drive by comparing the experiences of 6 EU countries.
  • BASIC compared new basic driver-training methods used throughout the EU and drew up recommendations on best practice.
  • TRAIN-ALL tested tools and methods for training and evaluating drivers by computer.
Repeat offender drivers

As well as possibly losing their licence and/or being fined, many drivers who commit repeated or particularly serious traffic violations are also required to complete a rehabilitation programme before they can drive again. These programmes teach repeat offenders how to change their behaviour on the road.

The ANDREA project analyses driver rehabilitation schemes to find out which ones are effective and why.

And the DRUID project compares rehabilitation schemes for drivers with drunk- or drug-driving offences, to design a system for evaluating the schemes.

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