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Driving licence in Member States

Driving licence models

All valid driving licences in use in the European Economic Area (EEA) are fully mutually recognised. This includes models of licence that were issued before European legislation on driving licences came into force. A single European driving licence model was introduced on 19 January 2013. Today, more than 170 different driving licences are used throughout the EEA.

This website’s main purpose is to show examples of the various valid licence models, to help those responsible for exchanging licences and enforcing rules relating to them. This will facilitate the mutual recognition of all licences issued by EEA Member States and, as a result, the free movement of people with driving licences.

Your Europe: Driving licences in the EU

On the Your Europe portal citizens can find further information on how driving licences work in the European Union: Replacing, renewing, FAQs ...

Contact points

Each country is responsible for issuing their own driving licences. Should you have any questions about your driving licence, please contact your local authorities.

The Commission Decision on equivalences between categories of driving licences

This document provides an overview of the equivalences that have been agreed between categories of driving licences issued before the current Directive on driving licences.

Solidarity with Ukraine: new EU rules on Ukrainian driving documents

EU driving licence

 Information on the driving licence at European Union level can be found here.