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Vehicle inspection

A properly maintained and fully functioning vehicle meeting all safety requirements is less likely to be involved in a road accident.

Technical inspection
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Roadworthiness checks not only make sure your vehicle is working properly, they are also important for environmental reasons and for ensuring fair competition in the transport sector.

There are 2 types of assessment: on-the-spot roadside inspections and periodic checks, where owners have to take the vehicle to a specialist centre.

Periodic checks

EU law ensures that most vehicles and trailers are inspected at regular intervals. It provides a basis for checking that vehicles throughout the EU are in a roadworthy condition and meet the same safety standards as when they were first registered.

Roadside inspection

Roadside inspection
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Under EU law, unannounced roadside inspections of commercial vehicles can be carried out in any EU country, whether or not the vehicle is registered in the EU.

These checks cover brakes, emissions and the vehicle's overall condition. Drivers may also be required to produce recent inspection reports or proof the vehicle has passed the mandatory roadworthiness test.

Roadworthiness Package

The European Commission is currently undertaking a review of the roadworthiness legislation currently in force, with a view to making a legislative proposal in 2023. This package of legislation covers periodic checks, roadside inspections and vehicle registration documentation.

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