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In-depth accident investigation

... for Europe

The European Commission recognises the importance of in-depth road accident investigations to identify areas of priority and develop accident countermeasures. Currently only a small number of European countries systematically collect such data. By preparing a common methodology and data systems and by increasing the number of teams, the DaCoTA project aimed to contribute to improve road safety across Europe.

The Pan-European In-Depth Accident Investigation Network

The DaCoTA team worked towards the long term vision of an on-going, pan European accident investigation activity. It aims at providing comprehensive in-depth data that will be collated into a large scale database. A database system and on-line manual have been readied and a network of investigators established across 19 countries in Europe and neighbouring regions.

The On-line Manual

The on-line manual covers the scope, characteristics and the practical requirements of the methodology. It also contains detailed information on variables (or data fields) in the DaCoTA in-depth database system.

You can find the DaCoTA On-line Manual for In-depth Road Accident investigators here.