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ESafety - consumer information

ESafety - consumer information



eSafety - consumer information

The European Commission has initiated a major action to inform the public about the new vehicle technologies (eSafety Aware 2) and to encourage new car buyers to choose them. However, there is no information source that is readily available to the public who have no means to decide whether a system will in reality offer them large safety benefits or whether the system addresses other aspects of driving. A new consumer information programme would be useful.

Need for a consumer information programme on eSafety

The purpose is to provide the consumer with standard information about in-car systems that may have some safety impact. This would involve the development of standard assessment methods, a consistent website for information and the application to both existing and new technologies. This programme would involve a number of steps as follows.

Technology Watch

The Programme would oversee the development of a Technology Watch. This process would identify new technology in the pipeline at an early stage through consultations with the vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. There should be a requirement for all new technologies to be registered with the Technology Watch.

Information Dissemination

The Programme would advise on any obvious pitfalls in the new technologies. System functionality, benefits and disbenefits would be determined and this information would be provided to consumers.

Subsequent impact Assessment

A post-implementation evaluation should be carried out in both the short- medium- and long-term.