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Moped and motorcycle fatality rates


Moped and motorcycle fatality rates

The fatality rates per million inhabitants give an indication for which countries the safety of riders is a matter of great concern. Table 3 gives fatality rates per million

PTW fatality rates
 /106 inh./105 veh./106 inh./105 veh.
Belgium2.9 11.83.6
Czech Rep.
Great Britain0.
Hungary (2003)3.5 6.56.7
Ireland (incl. moped)  13.216.5
Italy (2004)6.70.718.82.4
Norway0.90.8 (2004)6.73.4 (2004)
Poland1.4 4.12.1

Table 3 year 2005; source IRTAD

All southern European countries have high moped fatality rates. Austria, France and Denmark also have high rates, but not as high as the southern countries. This fatality rate is the result of both the number of vehicles per million inhabitants as well as the fatality rate per 10000 vehicles. Based on the latter rate, the safety problem of mopeds is most serious in Denmark and Austria and to a lesser extent in France, Great Britain and Portugal. The explanation for such high rates can only be found by detailed studies on age distributions, kilometres etc.

The rate for motorcycle fatalities per million inhabitants is extremely high for Greece and to a lesser extent for Italy, Portugal, France and Slovenia.

Based on the fatality rate per 10000 vehicles, Greece is no longer extreme, which is the result of the high rate of motorcycles per 1000 inhabitants. But Portugal, France and Slovenia still have high fatality rates per 10000 vehicles. This could be an indication of a high kilometrage per vehicle or a high fatality rate corrected for kilometres or both. This can only be decided on the basis of more detailed studies.