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Mobile Phone Car telephone use and road safety (2009)


This is the knowledge base of the European Road Safety Observatory. On this part of the website, you will find high quality information on important road safety subjects. The information is scientifically founded, easy to read and ready to use. For each subject the information consists of an overview of the magnitude of the problem, prevalence and countermeasures.

By whom?

SafetyNet has asked a group of renowned road safety experts to take part in the editorial group, which is responsible for producing the information about a specific road safety subject. At this moment, the following people participate in the editorial group:

Jeanne Breen, Jeanne Breen Consulting, UK

Rune Elvik, TØI, Norway

David Lynam, TRL, UK

Ryszard Krystek, TUGdansk, Poland

Pete Thomas, VSRC Loughborough university, UK

George Yannis, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

The editorial group is chaired by Divera Twisk (SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research). Martha Brouwer (AVV Ttransport Research Centre) and Fred Wegman (SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research) are advisors to the editorial group.


Per road safety subject, a supervisor is appointed within the editorial group. Together with a writer, who may be part of the editorial group, the supervisor is responsible for producing up to date and reliable information on that particular subject. The other editorial group members provide feedback on a regular basis. In the end, all editorial group members have to agree on the text, before it is put on the website.