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Motorcyclists account for just over 14% of all road deaths. So it's no secret that if you ride a motorcycle, you have to take precautions to keep safe. Since 2001, fatalities involving cars, pedestrians, bicycles and even mopeds have all decreased. Not so for motorcycles.


If you're young, you're particularly at risk – in 2008, almost 25% of those killed in motorcycle or moped accidents were under 25.

Statistics on road fatalities – the CARE database

How to stay safe

Take care of your vehicle

  • Keep your motorcycle or moped in good condition. Check your brakes, suspension, tyres and lights regularly.

Wear protective clothing

  • Always wear a helmet and if possible, protective clothing. In the summer, don’t ride wearing shorts and sandals – even for short distances.

Ride responsibly

  • Don't take risks – on your motorcycle you should be more cautious not less.
  • See and be seen – keep an eye on other road users, keep a safe distance from other vehicles and always signal before manoeuvring. Being able to hear is also important – never wear headphones while out on your motorcycle.
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Avoid riding when you're stressed out.
  • Never exceed the speed limit.

Behaviour and road safety

Avoiding distraction

Know what you’re doing

  • Don't even try riding a motorcycle if you don't have the right licence or insurance, or if it hasn't been serviced recently.
  • Before your first ride, follow all the recommended training. To ride safely, you need to learn skills including coping with bad weather and heavy traffic. And make sure you know the rules of the road!

Driving licence requirements


  • Some things are out of your control. Pay attention to the condition of the road, its layout, markings, signs and speed bumps.

Making roads safer for motorcycles

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