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Finland VRC from 2023

Finland VRC - Issue period: From 01/02/2023 to present

The visual identity of the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom was renewed in the autumn of 2022. As a consequence, the vehicle registration certificate will also be renewed with Traficom’s new blue visuals. The new registration certificate will be introduced gradually in February 2023.

Old registration certificates still in use will remain valid.

Security features

The registration certificate is printed on security paper with security features including a watermark (Traficom logo) and graphics. The graphics along the left edge of the security paper (a road element) will remain the same, only the green base colour will be replaced with blue.

Security paper reacts to UV light

In the process of whitening the paper, the paper mill uses optical brighteners, which make the paper fluorescent under UV light. Fluorescence is not a security feature but simply a quality caused by the paper manufacturing process.