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News article22 May 20191 min read

Africa-EU Task Force on Transport: Road Safety Cluster – latest progress and next steps

The second meeting of the Road Safety Cluster under the Africa-EU Task Force on Transport and Connectivity took place in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia on 17 May, co-chaired by African Union Commission Director Cheikh Bedda, and European Commission DDG Matthew Baldwin. The meeting was the second organised as part of the new Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs between Africa and Europe. It is a joint work between different road safety actors from Europe, Africa, including NGOs, industry associations, international organisations and financial institutions. Considerable progress was made towards ambitious conclusions focusing in particular on the delivery of concrete recommendations, to be framed within a short overall report, focusing on the key priorities for improving the road safety situation in Africa in a sustainable way. 

The Road Safety Cluster identified four main priority areas – road safety management and data collection, infrastructure safety, vehicle safety and the safety of road users – where such recommendations could be made. These are likely to range from “high level” commitments - for example on the establishment of an African road safety observatory or ratification of the African Road Safety Charter - to concrete fundable projects like twinning arrangements for traffic police.  

The recommendations will feed into a final report, agreed and endorsed at the political level in a third meeting of the Road Safety Cluster that could take place in Brussels end of June.


Publication date
22 May 2019