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Germany - D5

Issue period: 01/04/1986 - 31/12/1998

Physical description

Size: 210 x 106 mm

Material: Synthetic paper-type material

Colour: Pink

Distinctive features: If there was not enough space on pages 5 and 6, supplementary information was recorded on an additional sheet of paper (width: 140mm, format: A7, when folded), as specified in the driving licence.


Security features


  • 1 Surname of the holder
  • 2 Other name(s) of the holder
  • 3 Date and place of birth
  • 4a Date of issue of the licence
  • 4b Date of expiry of the licence
  • 4c Name of the issuing authority
  • 5 Number of licence
  • 6 Photograph of the holder
  • 7 Signature of the holder
  • 8 Permanent place of residence
  • 9 category(ies) of vehicle(s) the holder is entitled to drive
  • 10 Date of first issue of each category(ies)
  • 11 Date of expiry of each category
  • 12 Additional information/restriction(s)

Categories & Codes


For more information on the corresponding categories, please check the Commission decision on equivalence.


Period of validity*

1, 1a, 1b, 2*, 3*

(*see additional information)


*This refers to the administrative validity of the document and does not necessarily reflect the holder’s right to drive.


National categories

National category

Description of national category


Motorcycles (two wheels, including those with a sidecar) with a cylinder capacity exceeding 50 cm³ or a maximum design speed of more than 50 km/h


Motorcycles in class 1, but with a rated output of up to 25 kW and a performance / unloaded weight ratio of up to 0.16 kW/kg


Light motorcycles


Motor vehicles with a maximum permitted weight (including semi-trailer) of over 7.5 t, and engines with more than 3 axles (axles less than 1 m apart count as one axle), irrespective of the class of towing vehicle


All vehicles which are not included in one of the other classes


Small motor cycles, motor-assisted cycles


Motorised wheelchairs and tractors or self-propelling machinery designed with a maximum speed of up to 25 km/h


Professional drivers

  • Certificate of professional competence is issued : NO
  • Code 95 is marked on the driving licence : NO

Additional information

For category 2 and 3 applies: If the driving licence issued is not converted, the holder is no longer allowed to drive class C or CE vehicle combinations after the age of 50. This class can generally be issued retroactively. For licence holders who reached the age of 50 by 31 December 1999, this regulation did not take effect until 1 January 2001.