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Norway - N3

Issue period: 01/03/1989 - 31/12/1997

Physical description

Size: 105 x 74 mm

Format: ISO/IEC 7810 ID-2

Material: Coloured watermark photographic paper laminated in clear plastic extending beyond all edges

Colour: Pink and blue (mixed) in fine lines

Distinctive features: Photo is integrated in the document


Security features


  • 1 Surname of the holder
  • 2 Other name(s) of the holder
  • 3 Date and place of birth
  • 4a Date of issue of the licence
  • 4b Date of expiry of the licence
  • 4c Name of the issuing authority
  • 5 Number of licence
  • 6 Photograph of the holder
  • 7 Signature of the holder
  • 8 Permanent place of residence
  • 9 category(ies) of vehicle(s) the holder is entitled to drive
  • 10 Date of first issue of each category(ies)
  • 11 Date of expiry of each category
  • 12 Additional information/restriction(s)

Categories & Codes


For more information on the corresponding categories, please check the Commission decision on equivalence.


Period of validity*

A, B, BE, (T)

S, A1 - 01/01/1997

Until 100 years

C, D, CE, DE

C1,D1 - 01/01/1997

Until 60: 10 years;

after 60: 5 years;

after 66: until 71;

above 70: 1 year

*This refers to the administrative validity of the document and does not necessarily reflect the holder’s right to drive.


National categories

National category

Description of national category


Tractor, up to maximum design speed of 40 km/h


Snowmobile with or without a trailer sledge


Professional drivers

  • Certificate of professional competence is issued : NO
  • Code 95 is marked on the driving licence : NO

Additional information

Additional information related to equivalences of categories -

  1. The stamp with the restricting text is on the reverse of the driving licence.
  2. The holder is also entitled to drive C1 vehicles if the following entitlement is stamped on the reverse of the driving licence: ‘Gjelder også bil med tillatt totalvekt ikke over 7 500 kg og høyst 8 passasjerplasser’ (Valid for motor car with maximum authorised weight less than 7,500 kilograms and maximum 8 passenger seats). To keep this entitlement, the holder must have exchanged their licence for a model N 4 before 1 January 2002.
  3. Holders of category BE licences issued before 2.4.1979 and subsequently exchanged for an N3 model are also entitled to drive vehicles in category A1.
  4. Category C1 was introduced on 1 January 1997.
  5. To maintain the C1 entitlement, the holder must have exchanged their licence for an N4 model before 1.1.2002.
  6. Category D1 and D1E were introduced on 1 January 1997 and replaced categories D2 and D2E.