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Portugal - P2

Issue period: 01/09/1984 - 19/07/1991

Physical description

Size: 105 x 148 mm

Format: A6 (open) - A7 (folded)

Material: Paper like

Colour: Pink with text in black characters

Distinctive features: Document that folds down the centre, forming 4 pages Page 1 contains: National coat of arms between the words: "República" and "Portuguesa". The words: "Direcção-Geral de Viação". The name of the Department issuing the licence. The international abbreviation for Portugal (P) inside an ellipse Driving licence printed in Portuguese and French.   Page 4 Reserved for other information (for a stamp to revalidate the licence once the validity date has expired).


Security features


  • 1 Surname of the holder
  • 2 Other name(s) of the holder
  • 3 Date and place of birth
  • 4a Date of issue of the licence
  • 4b Date of expiry of the licence
  • 4c Name of the issuing authority
  • 5 Number of licence
  • 6 Photograph of the holder
  • 7 Signature of the holder
  • 8 Permanent place of residence
  • 9 category(ies) of vehicle(s) the holder is entitled to drive
  • 10 Date of first issue of each category(ies)
  • 11 Date of expiry of each category
  • 12 Additional information/restriction(s)

Categories & Codes


For more information on the corresponding categories, please check the Commission decision on equivalence.


Period of validity*

(A1), A, B, BE,

B(G), (F)

Until 40;

40-50:10 years;

60-70:5 years;

Above 70:2 years

C, CE, C(G),

CE(G), D, DE,

D(G), DE(G)

Until 35;

35-60: 5 years;

above 60:1 year

*This refers to the administrative validity of the document and does not necessarily reflect the holder’s right to drive.


National categories

National category

Description of national category


Mopeds and motorcycles (< 50 cc)


Agricultural and forestry tractors; agricultural machines


Professional drivers


Professional drivers

  • Certificate of professional competence is issued : NO
  • Code 95 is marked on the driving licence : NO

Additional information

* Category E was issued for categories B, C and D only.

Category G was issued for categories B, C and D only , and was endorsed for a driver intending to drive motor vehicles professionally