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General information

General overview

Roadworthiness of a vehicle, including new vehicles or trailers, is attested by a roadworthiness certificate and a sticker attached to the inside of the windshield on the right side. For trailers, the sticker must be attached at the back next to the registration plate. The roadworthiness certificate is a printout of the electronic record of the roadworthiness test results. The date of the expiry of the roadworthiness test is not indicated on the roadworthiness certificate. The sticker indicates the month and year of expiry of the proof of roadworthiness, which is valid for 12, 24 or 36 months. The expiry date is indicated by making a hole in the month field on the left or right side of the sticker and the year field in the top side of the sticker. Expiry is at the end of the indicated month. If a motor vehicle is subject to Croatian eco-category records, this category is recorded by making a hole at the bottom of the sticker. Used vehicles that change owner must pass a roadworthiness test in the Republic of Croatia or have a proof of test from an EU Member State. This proof must be recognised and certified as valid for one year by the Republic of Croatia.


Test frequency

Categories or types of Vehicles

First mandatory test

Subsequent tests

M1, N1, L, O2, T, R1, R2

Within one year after the date of first registration

Every year

M2, M3, N2, N3, O3, O4, R3 and R4

Within one year after the date of first registration

Every year

Ambulances and taxis

Within one year after the date of the first registration

Every year


Within three years after the date of the first marking (these vehicles are not registered, but only marked)

Every three years


Responsible authorities

Centre for Vehicles of Croatia PLC


Websites (Croatian and English)


Major changes

As of 20/05/2018, the Road Traffic Safety Act and Regulations on Roadworthiness Testing of Croatia apply, transposing Directive 2014/45/EU.


Issued documents