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General information

Main rules

Vehicle registration is managed by the Danish authority Motorstyrelsen or another authorised license plate issuer. Before 2008, the Danish police managed vehicle registration. There are two parts to the registration document, which is proof of registration in the Danish vehicle register (Motorregistret). It is recommended that the two parts are kept separately. When a registration request is made; Motorstyrelsen or the issuer provide a receipt that is proof in Denmark of provisional registration. If the owner wishes to use the vehicle in other countries before receiving the final certificate, Motorstyrelsen may issue a temporary registration certificate consisting of Part I only. Motorstyrelsen may issue a replacement certificate if the original certificate has been damaged, lost or is unavailable. If the vehicle has previously been registered in another country, the date of this registration will be noted in the Danish system as the original registration date.

Period of validity

Registration certificate: Until next issuance. Provisional vehicle registration certificate: Up to four weeks.

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