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General information

Main rules

Vehicle registration is managed by registration organisations or a competent ministry (Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence). The registration certificate is issued as a single document. Changes in the data in a vehicle registration certificate must be reported to the registration organisation within 15 days. If a vehicle registration certificate has expired more than 30 days ago, or more than a year ago for mopeds, motorcycles, motor tricycles, light quadricycles, heavy quadricycles, motorhomes, caravans and vehicles of historical interest, the owner of the registered vehicle must cancel the vehicle registration with the registration organisation and deliver the licence plates. If the vehicle owner does not do this, the administrative unit issues a written notice to the owner and cancels the registration automatically after 15 days of the owner’s receipt of the notice. A temporary certificate is issued for one year for vehicles owned by foreigners resident in Slovenia, owned by Slovenian citizens temporarily resident in Slovenia or leased or temporarily imported from another Member State by individuals or legal persons established in Slovenia A temporary certificate is issued for no more than 30 days for vehicles bought in Slovenia to be exported to another EU Member State and for vehicles stolen in Slovenia which have been found by authorities in another country and will be transported back to Slovenia.

Period of validity

Standard registration – until the date in section H of the registration certificate Temporary registration – one year Temporary export registration – 30 days

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