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Mobility & Transport - Road Safety

Safer Transport Platform

Fostering investment in road safety is a key part of the EU’s Strategic Action Plan on Road Safety. Various funding and financing solutions exist, for example via the Connecting Europe Facility, regional funds and loans of the European Investment Bank.

The Safer Transport Platform

The “Safer Transport Platform – Road Safety Advisory” is a joint initiative of the European Commission and the European Investment Bank (EIB), launched in March 2019. It is accessed through the European Investment Advisory Hub and offers advisory services to encourage the uptake of funding and financing opportunities for projects that improve road safety. It promotes road safety as an area of transport investment and guides and supports potential beneficiaries from the public and private sector.

What does the Platform offer?

The Safer Transport Platform – Road Safety Advisory

  • Raises awareness for existing funding and financing instruments among potential beneficiaries;
  • Advises potential beneficiaries on suitable instruments;
  • Provides tailored technical assistance;
  • Tracks programmes and identifies further investment needs in the area of road safety.
Who can benefit?

The Safer Transport Platform – Road Safety Advisory addresses EU Member States, public authorities, and public and private project promoters. These include for example national and regional road authorities, city authorities, major transport providers, commercial fleet owners and authorities with responsibility for communication and enforcement.

What kind of projects qualify?

Project promoters are encouraged to contact the Platform with any project ideas for large scale road safety improvements. Projects could address, for example:

  • Improvement of dangerous road sections;
  • Infrastructure safety ratings;
  • Measures for cyclists and pedestrians;
  • Automated speed enforcement systems;
  • Other ideas such as large scale fitting of new vehicle safety technologies in commercial vehicle fleets (for example advanced emergency braking systems, pedestrian and cyclists detection systems, intelligent speed assistance) in public procurement or as a retrofitting programme may also be considered.

Contact the Safer Transport Platform – Road Safety Advisory