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Mobility & Transport - Road Safety

Vulnerable road users

Vulnerable road users


Text on children and road safety (DaCoTA, 2012)

Novice drivers

Update of text on novice drivers . (DaCoTA, 2012)

Text on novice drivers (SafetyNet, 2006)

Facts and figures

Youngsters (aged 15-17) (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Young people (aged 18-24) (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Gender (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Older drivers

Update of text on older drivers . (DaCoTA, 2012)

Text on older drivers (SafetyNet, 2006)

Pedestrians and cyclists 

Updated text on pedestrians and cyclists (Dacota, 2011)

Text on pedestrians and cyclists (SafetyNet, 2006)

Powered two-wheelers

Updated text on powered two-wheelers (DaCoTA 2012)

Text on powered two wheelers (SafetyNet, 2006)

Facts and figures

Elderly (aged >65) (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Gender (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Pedestrians (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Cyclists (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Children (aged < 15) (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Youngsters (aged 15-17) (Basic Fact sheets 2011)

Motorcycles and mopeds (BFS 2010)

Youngsters (aged 15-17) (BFS 2010)