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Walking is convenient and good for both you and the environment. But the presence of vehicles – usually moving faster than pedestrians, and always significantly bigger – makes pedestrians particularly vulnerable.


In 2009, 6 641 pedestrians were killed in road accidents across 24 EU countries – this accounts for just over 20% of all road fatalities. Those aged 65 or over account for 40% of pedestrian fatalities.

More statistics on accidents involving pedestrians

How to stay safe

  • It may sound obvious, but only walk on the road if you have no choice – if there is no pavement or verge.
  • If you do have to walk in the road, keep to the edge, walk in single file and face any oncoming traffic.
  • Cross at a designated crossing when possible.
  • Always look in both directions before stepping into the road – even if you are using a crossing.
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