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Country profiles


This section provides an overview of the current state of road safety in European countries. It also contains forecasts for each European country and for Europe as a whole.


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Country (in EN and in local language).OverviewForecastManagement structure
Austria - ÖsterreichOverviewForecastManagement structure
Belgium - Belgique/België/BelgienOverviewForecastManagement structure
Bulgaria - БългарияOverviewForecast 
Croatia - HrvatskaOverview  
Cyprus - ΚύπροςOverviewForecast 
Czech Republic - Česká republikaOverviewForecast 
Denmark - DanmarkOverviewForecast 
Estonia - EestiOverviewForecast 
Finland - SuomiOverviewForecastManagement structure
France - FranceOverviewForecastManagement structure
Germany - DeutschlandOverviewForecast 
Greece - ΕλλάδαOverviewForecastManagement structure
Hungary - MagyarországOverviewForecast 
Iceland - ÍslandOverviewForecast 
Ireland - ÉireOverviewForecastManagement structure
Israel  Management structure
Italy - ItaliaOverviewForecastManagement structure
Latvia - LatvijaOverviewForecastManagement structure
Lithuania - LietuvaOverviewForecast 
Luxembourg - Luxemburg/LuxembourgOverviewForecast 
Malta - MaltaOverviewForecast 
Netherlands - NederlandOverview Management structure
Poland - PolskaOverviewForecastManagement structure
Portugal - PortugalOverviewForecast 
Romania - RomâniaOverviewForecast 
Slovakia - SlovenskoOverviewForecast 
Slovenia - SlovenijaOverviewForecast 
Spain - EspañaOverviewForecastManagement structure
Sweden - SverigeOverviewForecast 
Switzerland - Suisse/Schweiz/SvizzeraOverviewForecastManagement structure
United KingdomOverviewForecastManagement structure